Zimmer Cancer Center

Wilmington NC | In-construction

The project for New Hanover Regional Medical Center includes a 5,000SF expansion and renovation of the current Zimmer Cancer Center. This outpatient cancer facility includes an expansive lobby, exam rooms, infusion bays, pharmacy, conference rooms, and a patient inspiration center.

The new design takes into account the material pallette of the hospital campus, utilizing metal panel and curtain walls to give a modern, open look. The transparency of the new facade gives a view to lobby's 'Journey Wall', a curved wall that leads visitors from the lobby into the Inspiration Center. This wall features stained plywood panels to form a pattern of an abstract DNA chain. The Inspiration Center provides a relaxing space for both patients and families that includes a library, multi-purpose rooms for education and activities, and an interactive art piece.

Project Team: LS3P-Danny Adams, Taylor Simms, Joshua Thomasson

GC: Monteith Construction Company